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 Important Legal Notice 


These Nü Savings Group ("NSG") Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions ("NSG Best Price Guarantee") are supplemental to and should be read in conjunction with the NSG Website Terms and Conditions (“NSG Website Terms").


In the event of any conflict between the NSG Best Price Guarantee and the NSG Website Terms, the latter shall prevail.


These NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms set out the Terms and Conditions relating to the NSG Best Promise Guarantee (“NSG Best Price Guarantee"). Please read these NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms carefully before claiming for NSG Best Price Guarantee. By claiming on the NSG Best Price Guarantee, you legally agree to be bound by these NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms.


We reserve the right to change these NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms from time to time by changing them on this web page. We advise you to print a copy of these NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms for future reference. These NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms are only in the English language. Use of your personal information submitted via the NSG Best Price Guarantee is governed by our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


Herein lies the NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions of the Nü Savings Group ("NSG"):


1. Once an NSG Best Price Guarantee* request has been approved we will offer you a price of 10% (Ten Percent) below the price offered by the competitor. This excludes membership clubs and companies in liquidation (or any other "closing down" or insolvency) sales;



2. The NSG Best Price Guarantee* is available in respect of any product or service orders made at any time after 7th October 2021. NB. This guarantee* applies to the total invoice price (inc. VAT);                                                                                                


3. In order to claim on the NSG Best Price Guarantee (an “NSG Best Price Guarantee Claim”), you must complete and submit an NSG Best Price Guarantee Claim Form. Upon request, competitor comparisons must be provided in the form of; an official quotation printed on the competitor's letterhead for purchases or as a valid website URL for online Best Price Guarantee applications. The contract price must have been quoted on the same date, same product/service, supply address, consumption/any other valid information;  when we closed the business agreement with you or your business;                                                                                                                     


4. ‘The NSG Best Price Guarantee Claims may only be submitted against products and or services that you ordered electronically from the Nü Savings Group ("NSG") website or agreed to the written quotation received by electronic mail. This guarantee will not be valid in respect of direct supplier deals, special offers, or discounts. Often these contracts cannot be beaten. If you are unsure, please let us know and we will investigate;                                                                                                                                                   

5. Your product or service order must have been completed and paid for;                                                                                                                              

6. The NSG Best Price Guarantee claim cannot be used in conjunction with any other NSG promotion, or discount offer;


7. NSG Best Price Guarantee Claims must be submitted within 24 Hours (Twenty Four Hours) notice of the relevant order. We cannot be held responsible for any price differentials after this time due to the fluctuations of live supplier markets and geopolitical events (including war and Acts of God), which can make substantial material differences to prices and any quoted contract(s) you signed for either digitally or with a wet ink signature;


8. Each Client may make a maximum of one NSG Price Guarantee Claim per Supply in any 30 day period; 


9. We will investigate each NSG Best Price Guarantee Claim and reserve the right to confirm with the Supplier whether the Supplier information is valid; 


10. Following our investigation, we will decide whether an NSG Best Price Guarantee Claim is valid and notify you of our decision. Our decision is final and binding in all matters relating to the NSG Best Price Guarantee; 


11. We will aim to process NSG Best Price Guarantee Claims within seven working days of receipt of an NSG Best Price Guarantee Claim Form; 


12. In the event of we approve your NSG Best Price Guarantee Claim, we shall offer you an electronic payment to your bank account or building society account plus a 10% (Ten Percent) refund for the difference in price; 


13. We reserve the right to withdraw the NSG Best Price Guarantee at any time without prior written notice and/or to alter or amend these NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms at any time; 


14. By Completing an NSG Best Price Guarantee Claim Form, you will be deemed to have accepted these NSG Best Price Guarantee Terms; 


15. These Best Price Guarantee Terms shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.

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