With our third-party provider, this service was designed to assist landlords, equity groups, and/or managing agents who pass on their utility charges to tenants and built to meet any complexities you may have come across.

Our provider's system allows you to accurately re-bill your tenants, lessees, or occupants efficiently by using preset metrics and consumption (aka usage) to provide accurate invoices based on: 


  • AMR Readings;

  • Area (sq.ft, sq.m);

  • Percentage (%) of service charges.   


As this system relies on actual consumption and contract details, we will need access to all the available information. This will allow us to produce transparent invoices and reports for you and: 


  • Provide regular reconciliations

  • Reduce your administrative overheads

  • Free up your in-house costs


For more information, please get in touch with us at hello@nsg.org.uk


Commercial Tenancy