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Contract Framework 


Our Transparent, Ethical Procurement




The Nü Savings Group (NSG) is an eCommerce platform with a difference. We love Simplifying Life™ for business owners, landlords, and other organizations.


You pay for services rendered; nothing more, nothing less. No smokes and mirrors. We are honest and direct with our approach, and our procurement strategies do not pass undeclared charges to you, the client. This means no more hidden fees or uplifts. Everything we do is in black and white, and outlined in our Terms of Supply (Energy and Water), and/or Terms and Conditions.  




Procurement is the buying and selling of products and services. Prior to Brexit, the European procurement market was worth up to £1.5 trillion pounds, with public government expenditure (in the United Kingdom alone) being worth £700 billion. However, the market is oversaturated with direct suppliers, white label resellers (rebranded third party suppliers), price comparison sites (selling third-party products), and brokerages competing for your business.  Sadly, many companies take no interest in understanding the business operations of their client,  their sustainability requirements, or their future proposals; such as downsizing or upsizing their business sites.




Hundreds to thousands of businesses and organizations have often been 'ripped off' by brokers, consultants, and 'experts;'  particularly in the energy market. The Nü Savings Group believes mis-selling of contracts is an unacceptable practice. Many businesses often do not care and stick with the status quo; while others are simply unwilling to understand that without further scrutiny of their contracts and invoices, they may be getting a bad deal.



In the Energy market, around two-thirds (2/3) of the annual £25 billion cost of business gas and electricity deals are bought through brokers, and from available information over 90 percent (90%) of businesses may have been mis-sold these contracts - with hidden fees, leaving them out of pocket. 


In August 2021, OFGEM outlined proposals to force energy brokers to disclose how much commission they stand to earn. However, until new legislation is enacted, the market will not change. We wish to be a disruptor to this market, this is why we call ourselves, the Nü Savings Group.   




The Energy market, in particular, can be a lucrative market, especially for unscrupulous brokerages. You will have or may have been approached by fly-by-night companies, who will make their profit and when you need any help they have disappeared,  relocated to another city, changed their business name, and in some cases, even gone into liquidation. The reality is that many companies play on a business's fears or passions, but the end result is always the same: A business contract unfit for purpose and/or expensive




We are clear with our communication and the ability to tell you how it is. We have no vested interest to sell to a certain supplier or under pressure to meet a quota. With our help, we will help you understand and navigate complex markets; that our recommendations are based on sound knowledge and experience. 


With new information at hand, you can make an informed decision based on all the available evidence; allowing you to determine whether this will be a cost-effective strategy or provide you with short-term damage limitations against goods and services being affected by market pressures. At the end of the day, we want you to have a relationship with a supplier that will meet your criteria, budget, and needs.


Please note that you must pay for our services promptly, and we will invoice you once we have completed our investigations and administration.  If you wish to continue to work with us; on a new contract, we would be happy to add you as a client. If you wish to leave us, once you have settled your bill in full, we will happy to provide you with our findings and you are free to go elsewhere.  


Disclaimer: If you have signed a Letter of Authority (LOA), also known as a Permission Slip; and in addition, signed a legally binding contract, you will not be free to exit an agreement until this contract comes to an end, or the supplier goes into administration. We may assist you with our NSG Review and Challenge





NSG, alongside our preferred partners, are at hand to help businesses meticulously analyze their procurement processes, review their property portfolio and provide the right solutions to fit their business model and more importantly their budget. Please get in touch.