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Your donation helps us to operate our website and for us to give back help to local communities and free advice for struggling families. 

The Nü Savings Group is an eCommerce platform like no other. In addition to our business model; we provide free and open advice to struggling families, give aid and support to the homeless, and provide guidance for local charities and churches. The heart and soul of Nü Savings is the UK. We rely on volunteers, thousands of readers, and donors like yourself – all united to help those in need. Please help us to help others. Please note that your support does not at present constitute a charitable donation, as such your contribution is not eligible for Gift Aid in the UK nor a tax-deduction elsewhere.

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Your financial support allows us (the Nü Savings Group) to provide pro bono assistance (professional work without payment). Therefore, every contribution, however big or small, is most appeciative. 

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