Finance Policies 

In this section, we will explain how we can help businesses in finance.




Are you are a sole proprietor, work in a partnership, operate as a larger business/social enterprise, or have a corporate company? One thing always remains constant; you are often unwittingly paying too much. Even when you operate from leased premises or work on a business estate, we have found landlords pass on their expensive rates to you from ever-increasing rents. This is where we can help to make nü savings!


How do you help?


We are a National advisory consultancy, and understand savings. We have strong business relationships with well-respected and trusted suppliers; in addition to professional organizations that know how to make your business operations run smoother. Never worry again whether you are in the right contract or have received the best services. We work with all sizes of business operations, so irrespective of your financial budget, we can often find something better and more affordable.  


What is required?


Before we proceed with anything contractual (i.e. legally binding). Ensure you are the representative or authorized person(s) who is in control of the finances of your business. You must also be able to make the final decision; as we will need an Official Letter of Authority. 


Our Process


We arrange a suitable date/time to discuss your remit: 


  • Through our business mobile number of 07383 990742;

  • We will need details of your: site location(s), financial budget, existing product(s), any preferred supplier(s), and any current problems you have faced;

  • We need details of any suppliers you refuse to work with;

  • Your Business aspirations - are you looking to keep the status quo for your property portfolio, downsizing your site(s), or, looking to expand or upgrade your sites nationally.


With this information, we can put together a game plan that works, meets your needs and we can tailor accordingly.


Legal Disclaimer


  • We do not enter into discussions with any businesses that intents to use our group as a 'pricing tool' to get a 'better deal' from their incumbent (or existing) supplier(s);


  • We are so confident of our products and services that we do not refresh quotations;


  • We guarantee to beat any price from a broker or savings club. Provide us with your renewal price(s) or quotation, quotation date, and any evidence (e.g. screen print, copy of email, or telephone recording); 


  • We refuse to match direct supplier prices. But if you have been provided with a renewal quotation and you wish us to provide a better price or product benefits, we will endeavour to provide this.