Why choose a fixed-rate contract?

These energy contracts provide you with a set Unit Price (PPU) and Daily Standing Charge (SC) over a set contract term. There are no hidden fees and inclusive of all non-commodity charges that include transportation, distribution, and government taxes.


Its benefits include: 


  • Administrative Ease;

  • Financial Budget certainty;

  • Security of Prices;

  • Mitigation against Volatility (or rises) of prices; 

  • No hidden clauses, or costs* (i.e., 'non commodity' prices).


Our digital quotation (if accepted), can lock in a tariff, over a set term (one to three years). It is suitable for businesses seeking

low-stress and a hassle-free option.


Disclaimer: one exception to the rule* was SSE plc (now owned by OVO Energy), which included a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) to encourage businesses to use renewable energy. The UK Government closed this scheme on 1st April 2019. Please note that if you were a FITs customer before this date, you remain on the scheme and SSE will continue to receive your agreed payments.