Half Hourly


Half Hourly (HH) meters record and submit electricity data every half hour to your supplier. They are given a profile class of "00", with Max Demand Meters with profile classes of "05-08", being a carry-over from older commercial properties. Typically, these meters are often found in larger industrial and commercial units or premises used for hospitality.


Business users need to be aware any proposal will only be valid for 24 (twenty-four) hours. Suppliers can often withdraw offers due to the volatility of prices. Before we prepare and submit tenders, we will need a Letter of Authority (See: FAQ) to secure your HH data and determine your KVA allowance. Due to the complexity of these meters, we often need to charge a non-refundable deposit toward the final contract price, to pay for HH and KVA analysis of the data. This fee will depend on the volume consumption of the meter(s). 


What are Half Hourly electricity meters?