Multi-Site Tenders 

Before we proceed with proposals for a multi-site customer, we will need to understand your property portfolio and the aims of any procurement exercise. If you are working with multiple brokerages or consultancies, we will charge a non-refundable deposit against the final cost of the contracts. We carefully undertake due diligence and believe any administration we undertake should be paid for.


As you will require an end-to-end managed service, we will need to understand the suppliers we need to avoid and the contract terms that you are looking for. In addition, to any other formal prices and renewal prices, you have received. We will also need to know the final date and time of the deadline for submission. No refresh of pricing will be possible once this window has closed.


Our tender will provide the analyzed data and redact the name of the suppliers. Any pricing will be provided against those of your incumbent suppliers. Our recommendation report will be based on the needs of your business and the length of your lease terms.   


Disclaimer: Please note that any contracts will be legally binding and all contracts must be signed by the authorized person (i.e. Decision Maker). We prefer to present our findings to the board of directors, panel, or the person who makes the final decision. 


Commercial Multi-Site Tenders




Once the tender exercise has ended, we will consolidate all your data and manage your property portfolio. If you need any assistance with new site works or reconciliations for old sites we can help with this. In addition, to any account queries.