Managing a New Gas Connection

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Arranging a New Connection

New Gas Connection




Congratulations! Whether you are a new startup or moving your business to new premises, we wish to help you succeed.


But, there is one caveat, before you trade you need to organize your utility contracts. It can seem easier to concentrate on making money; than assess your outgoings. However, neglecting your bills can come back to haunt you, when you least expect it: with unexpected bills and bailiffs. Budgetary problems can happen to any business that takes its eye off the ball. Could your business survive if you had cash flow problems or had a poor credit rating? Many cannot and this is why we wish to help you make nü savings.


Our solution? We will use our expertise and attention to detail, to help with your procurement. We aim to alleviate your stress and let you focus on what you do best, your new business venture. 




There are some crucial steps you must do before and after you have relocated or opened a new business. Most importantly - a Change of Tenancy form.  


To make this process as clear and smooth as possible, the experts at the Nü Savings Group have created this guide— including all the information you will need to complete the process. 




The first time you enter your new business property or site, you won’t be left without any power. Instead, the previous tenant’s energy supplier will continue to supply electricity. The supplier should have already been informed by the previous tenants that they have left the premises. But this is not always the case, especially if a former tenant had been evicted.


Your energy will still be provided by this supplier, however, if you’re not already in a new contract, you’ll be charged for ‘Deemed Tariff Rates’ — until you switch to a new supplier. These rates are expensive for your Unit Price (price per kilowatt) and Daily Standing Charge. Sadly suppliers will never inform you of this unless you ask the right questions or know where to look.




The best way to avoid paying additional charges to your energy bill is to ensure you let us help you set up a new tariff ahead of time. Our subsidiary NSG Energy will help allow you to procure a new deal with a new supplier or a trusted supplier. 




You’re obliged to inform your energy supplier when you’re moving into a new address, but many don't and assume it is done automatically. We have witnessed firsthand, many inexperienced business owners who have incorrectly filled out forms to save money, and within a short period of time, they have faced thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of debt. 


Therefore, we suggest you allow us to complete this process as soon as possible: 


  • It will prevent your business from being held liable for charges incurred by the previous tenant;


  • It will mean we can help negotiate a competitive tariff rate right away (or switch to a new provider early)


The supplier will also require one or several of the following forms of proof of a change in tenancy:


  • Confirmation from the landlord;

  • Confirmation from the estate agent handling the move;

  • Confirmation from the solicitor handling the move; 

  • A copy of the mortgage completion letter (if the property was bought);

  • A copy of HM Land Registry Documents 


As well as your change of tenancy letter, a new supplier may want to know some of the following information:


  • The Date you moved into the new premises/unit;

  • The Name and Address of the Previous occupier of the premises/unit (if known);


Regardless of the supplier, it’s important that you provide a new meter reading on the first day in your new premises. This will provide them with evidence of your usage and ensure you are paying the right amount. Please now complete the form below to proceed with procurement.