Claims Management



The Nü Savings Group Limited ('NSG') feels strongly that in business, you will often need a helping hand, a specialist who you will trust to do the right thing for you and your business. Sadly, this is not always the case. Many clients have informed us that their broker has ruined their finances (i.e. particularly cash flow); so much so, that they have had to say goodbye to their business or the ultimate sacrifice: terminate loyal staff. All because of a rogue or unscrupulous broker who had doubled or tripled their annual spend.  


Trust can be easily won or lost in the blink of an eye. This is why we are working exclusively in partnership with a utility refund business, they can help reclaim losses from the misselling of utility contracts across the United Kingdom (UK).




This firm has a team of specialist experts in utilities, helping businesses looking to recover hidden or undeclared commissions. They can help reclaim losses from the misselling of these utility contracts by brokers and consultants, or alternatively direct from the supplier, if the original broker has gone into bankruptcy or liquidation. 


Disclaimer: We work exclusively with Mike Size or Marc Harries.  If any other person mentions the Nü Savings Group or that we work with them, please note that they don't have our consent and any preliminary inquiries must be ignored or dismissed.  




In the United Kingdom, The Third Party Intermediary (TPI) broker market is unregulated; which makes it easy for commissions to be hidden within business contracts. This is why NSG has enacted a voluntary code of practice and sought the expertise of Business Utility Refunds to help claim a refund.




Did your broker say any of these phrases?


  • "Our services are free";

  • "We are paid directly from the supplier";

  • "We provide the best prices in the UK"

  • "We provide the cheapest deal"; 

  • "You don't need to pay us anything for our help";


If you have heard any of these phrases, or you feel like your unit rates or standing charges seem too high; it is highly likely you have been 'ripped off.' Many brokers will hide their commission which they will add on top of the unit rate (i.e. price per kilowatt), the daily standing charge (per day), or on your billing as an 'administration fee.'  Values of the commission can range from £250 all the way up to £2m+ for larger users.




  • Did your broker provide you with any terms and conditions, and/or the terms of supply?; 

  • Were you informed how much they would earn from the contract(s)?; 

  • Were you given the option of a fixed fee arrangement with transparent fees?; 

  • Were you happy with a longer-term contract than you wanted?;

  • Were you given the choice of the whole of the market suppliers? 


Again, if the answer(s) is no. Your broker will have likely been paid a commission from a supplier. 




A business owner or director needs to make an informed decision based on all the available information at the point of sale. Irrespective of whether advice has been provided by a friend of the family, a club member, or an acquaintance. In such cases, there is always the chance of a conflict of interest. 


Prospective and current clients alike can suffer from issues reading their gas/electricity/water bills or supply invoices

(for multi-sites). Other business clients can often not understand why they are paying too much. We help break everything down into Plain English and provide a full clarification of what type of contract you have entered into, ensuring that you only pay for the energy and water you have consumed, and at the agreed contractual rates. So, whether you have worked with a broker, consultancy, or dealt directly with a mains supplier, we can help you.




If you can supply us with a copy of your contract and recent billing, we will undertake due diligence, and provide our findings to the refund expert. It's a simple process.


Please sign our co-branded letter of authority which will allow us to engage with the supplier. 


Next, we will contact the broker to establish the value of your claim, then it’s back to you to decide whether you wish for us to help recover your hidden costs. We can either undertake an out-of-court settlement or pursue this in the High Court of Justice, or a lower court, depending on the value of the claim. 




During the first thirty minutes of our consultancy, we do not charge any fee. We will provide you with a brief overview of the administration needed, and how we can help. Once the free period of consultancy has elapsed, we charge a fixed fee per hour for the initial analysis, and it should take no longer than up to an hour, for a single site. More complex or multiple sites will require considerably more administrative time.   


The refund company operates on a 'no win-no fee' basis. They will charge a fixed percentage (%) against any award settlement of the successful claim. Mike or Marc, our business partners can discuss this with you, once the initial analysis has been undertaken. 


Disclaimer. Please note that until our invoice (NSG) has been paid in full and cleared; we shall not release any of our findings.  You will be invoiced by email and be expected to make prompt payment. If you fail to do so, we will issue a fine by recorded delivery for the outstanding sum, plus the £15.00 administrative fine.   


Legal Disclaimer - Please note that their refund business is an independent claim management company and is not part of the Nü Savings Group Limited. We work in partnership for the benefit of prospective and current clients who need our joint assistance.