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At the Nü Savings Group ('NSG'), we like to work with all sectors, as a one size fits all approach does not fit every circumstance. 


What is a Micro-Enterprise? 


We define a Micro-Enterprise as a business with one sole or two directors, or a non-incorporated business; primarily interested in earning a living to support themselves and their families. 


Micro-Enterprise Structure


  • a turnover no more than £500,000;

  • a business with between 1-2 employees


How we are different?


We work diligently with these type of businesses to ensure they have the best contracts available that meets their budget. We understand you may work from home with an office or have a small business site, where business contracts will not always be your best option. Business life can be difficult, and it can be hard to trust someone who is not local or has your best interests at heart. All we ask for is the opportunity to work with you; we know you often will have little time or the inclination after a hard day's work to review your bills, it will be the last thing on your mind! Sadly, business owners unbeknownst to them may be out of contract, been rolled into an expensive contract, facing unnecessary fines, or are in a poor contract when a better one had been available. This is how we excel in making savings for you. We will discuss with you your options and how we can work together to help make these savings, accomplish your goals and meet future aspirations.    


Fee Structure 


As a business contract may not be beneficial to you, it makes sense that accordingly our fees match our management consultancy. These fees will often be an upfront payment or split over a term of 12 months. We can also open doors to other partners we work with, who can provide products or services that meet your business needs.