At the Nü Savings Group ("NSG"), we are always looking at ways to help businesses save their time, money, and bring them peace of mind. We believe procurement should be simple to let you focus on what you do best - running your business. This is an overview of our new range of services. With NSG by your side, let us help you on your business journey. 


Value-Added Services 


We understand that time is money and simplifying business life is our objective. Our one-stop shop will look to cater to your business need.  With our digital services, you simply get in touch with us with your specification and we will do the rest.


NSG working in close partnership with trusted vendors can offer prospective and current clients alike auxiliary non-core services that will help your business procurement, improve productivity and help retain you as a loyal customer. These services are not standalone and our core product (electricity and/or gas) determines whether we can provide these additional services.


Disclaimer: If you are unable to negotiate a core product at this time, on a case-by-case basis, we will explore your options. Often, we will ask you to pay an upfront fixed (non-refundable) fee* Terms and Conditions apply.


Note: Our fee* will depend on the service required and transparency of which will be provided by receipt of email.