NSG Water is a Core service, which means we can offer this separately or as part of a bundle, along with Electricity, Gas, ADSL/Fibre Broadband, Telecoms, and/or Merchant Services. 


If you have ever suffered from unexplained billing? Are you paying more than you need to? You are not alone and have come to the right place, we are here to help you. 


We provide a fully comprehensive service, combining our enhanced due diligence with our quality benchmarks to help uncover administrative errors, reclaim any monies on your behalf from overbilling, duplicate billing and help detect hidden water leaks. Our other services include uncovering hidden fees and inaccurate rates, providing clarity and reassurance that we are on your side.


From hairdressers to restaurants, hotel chains to retailers, the sports sector, and more, we work with companies of all sizes - from SMEs to big businesses. Every day our partners help our customers with their water queries, reduce their water consumption, and provide a better service. 


Our partner has a range of different consultancy services and over twenty years’ industry expertise to help manage your water and wastewater, including:


  • New connections and Retrofitting old meters; 

  • Switching water suppliers; 

  • Flexible payment methods;

  • Single site, Multi-Site, and consolidated billing;

  • Leak detection services;

  • Automatic Meter Reader (AMR);

  • Online account management;

  • Water efficiency services and advice.


If you are interested, get in touch now at 07383 990742 or say 

Business Water